Bitch Team Alpha was created by Katey Lee in April of 2014 and launched in May of 2014 with the help of Amanda, Katie Leone, Katie Tregs, Robin, and Jessica. BTA started as a network of podcasts, but quickly evolved to include editorial and review content, as well. Currently, Bitch Team Alpha focuses on delivering awesome audio, video, and written content with a focus on gaming and entertainment from a female perspective for everyone to enjoy.
After a year-long hiatus, Katie Tregs and Jessica relaunched BTA Podcasts with new podcasts and contributors!

Latest Episodes

Animorphous Discussion 015: Big Scary Fish Week (TM)

In this episode of Animorphous Discussion, Robin, Katie Tregs, and Producer Daddy Travis talk about copyright-neutral establishments, learn a little something about sh...

Animorphous Discussion 014: Do You Believe in Neigh-liens?

In this episode of Animorphous Discussion, Robin tells Katie Tregs and special guest Travis about these wacky conspiracy theorists who believe in aliens. We also learn...

Animorphous Discussion 013: Escape to New Hork (Bajir)

In this episode of Animorphous Discussion, Robin and Katie Tregs emerge from stasis to talk about another Animorphs book, and they bring a new co-host along for the ri...

Animorphous Discussion 012: Hitting Croc Bottom

In this episode of Animorphous Discussion, we learn about allergies, dimples, elegant giraffe feet, and a new game to replace rock, paper, scissors!

Animorphous Discussion 011: The One We Wish We Could Forget

Sorry this took so long, everyone. For a while I thought we'd gone back in time and stopped this episode from ever being recorded. But that can't be possible...can it?...

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